Tapas in Kuala Lumpur? You’ll Be Pleasantly Surprised

When people think of Kuala Lumpur the last ting that comes to mind might be tapas, after all this is not a city that is renowned for its Mediterranean roots.

However those who come for Asian infused food would be well advised to also look at some of the other great cuisine that is on offer in this cosmopolitan city – and that includes some of the best tapas that is available in the region.

Tapas may not be on the radar of people visiting South East Asia but they would be doing themselves a grave disservice by ignoring what this great city has to offer.

Whether you want authentic Iberian ham or that splendid olive that tastes like it was prepared in Spain Kuala Lumpur has got you covered. For a city that has some of the best Asian street food on the planet it’s a magnificent surprise to sit at a table and be presented with food that is as fresh and tasty as that that has just landed and been offloaded from a Spanish trawler.

So where do you go to enjoy that tapas treat, here are a few suggestions.

Let’s start in on that tapas feats with one of the most well respected tapas bars in town – Pinchos Tapas Bar. Here the ham is the center of attention. The Jamon Iberico Bellota- cured black ham to be precise. This is an absolute must for those who enjoy their meat filled with natural flavor. But do not ignore the other offerings at this palace of culinary delight. The seafood is also worthy of a mention. The grilled prawns with olives served on a skewer will have you returning again and again.

Then there is Moussandra. If you like your chicken liver pate you’ll simply fall in love with their version. With a creamy texture and twinned with their house baguette this is heaven on a plate. And once again that staple of any tapas experience is not ignored – seafood. Their garlic prawns are the stuff that dreams are made of – with fresh ingredients hand picked by the chef this is a tapas experience that rivals the best in the world. The relaxed ambiance is also perfect for an evening spent with friends and family simply sharing the fabulous choices that are on offer from an extensive menu.download (1)

For those who want to take a step up and enjoy tapas that is simply extraordinary then look no further than KL’s signature tapas diner – Mezze. If you think your taste buds are jaded wait until you try duck liver pate surrounded by a comforting coat of of high quality French cheese. It is simply one of the best gustatory experiences you will ever have. The addition of the horseradish side is something that excites the taste buds and simply makes the entire experience that much better.

You can also try on TIM, where italian food meets European cuisine

KL is a city that is both vibrant and laid back – it invites the visitor to enjoy life at their own pace. However ignoring the lure of tapas in this city would be doing yourself an injustice.

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