Chloris Petals Review

Business people are the ones who usually take the path less travelled. Start-up company owners would know this well because they do all the responsibilities for their business from sales, management, capital raising, and financial management.

This is all on top of their life outside of their business. Most must juggle family responsibilities and client relations throughout the week. If they have an active social life, it becomes even more difficult when they attend social events on the regular.

The owner of has experienced all that yet still managed to grow a successful flower shop in Kuala Lumpur. They have since expanded from just a brick-and-mortar flower shop to opening an online shop and delivery service to their clients.

Today, hundreds of Malaysians rely on the services that their company offers. Flowers are a great gift to show some love to you mother on Mother’s Day or your partner on your anniversary. And Chloris Petals is offering an easier way to get flowers.

This is perfect for people who don’t really go to a local florist on the regular. Also, maybe you’re tired of those florist ads on TV or the paper that don’t really deliver. Chloris Petals has proven that their online system works unlike most other online florists in KL.

Customers keep coming back to them because they are always deliver on their promise on schedule and you don’t even have to visit their shop. Beautiful flower arrangements are sent to your location whether you requested it in a box, vase, pot, or basket.

Event planners also order from Chloris Petals especially during weddings. They coordinate their flower arrangements with them with no problem in terms of design and delivery. In-house florists can even make beautiful corsages for the entourage and even the bridal bouquet can also be made.

Hand bouquets are a best-seller for them because you can choose from a variety of flowers from their bouquet line such as roses, sunflowers, lilies, gerberas, tulips, and carnations. You can even hire their expert florists to make a custom hand bouquet arrangement for you.

Customers who have used their online flower delivery service have vouched for the quality of their products. The flowers don’t get delivered looking battered from the travel. Chloris Petals has quality assurance measures that allow them to always deliver fresh flowers.

Along with the flowers, they have also introduced mooncake sets that their customers can order online. They can order them separately or pair them with a flower basket to complete a lovely gift set during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Clients can also browse through their new website to see what they’ll be getting when they order flowers. The site has images of every product in the company’s line-up which you can view through their product tab. It contains details such as price, quantity, type of flower, and delivery options for your orders.

You can take a look at their site to see for yourself if Chloris Petals actually delivers. You can visit them at Chloris’s Petals PL-10, Perdana Shopping Centre, Jalan PJU 8/1, Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya. You can also call (016-202 0295 / 03-7733 8823) or email ( them.

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