Places for Best Eat In Singapore

Singapore is not only the best destination for shopping and interesting activities. In there, you can also eat fantastic foods that you do not have in your own country. From street foods to food stalls, cafe shops, there are too many for them to mention, but if you are looking for our recommendation for the best eat in Singapore we have carefully planned some of the best restaurants and dining places where taste and affordability meet your budget. Check them out below!

Our Recommended Best Place to Eat If You Are In Singapore!

We knew that getting around in Singapore can be fun and exciting, but, you also need to get sure where you can eat at when times you needed. For our selections, here they are:

  1. Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodles

If you are new to Singapore, you must discover the food stallers. This is where most Singaporeans eat. Even though you need to fall in line to order, the waiting is worthy since you can eat here at minimal cost. They have kaya toast, chicken rice, and some noodles food dishes.

  1. Cherry Garden

If you want to taste the culinary expert’s dim sum, you can find that at the Cherry Garden Restaurant. There is also a preparation package for dim sum by the chef from which you can try later on. It is super easy to tell where the food in the Chinatown is, the pleasant smell can be your best guide here!

  1. Neon Pigeon

If you want to check out how tapas type eatery in Japan, you can find that in Neon Pigeon. They have the best bamboo shoot tempura and sake. It is situated in the KeongSaik, which is one of the amazingly cool neighborhoods in Singapore.

  1. Chomp Chomp Food Center

If you say that barbeques are just the same to what Singapore call “satay”, then you are probably right but what differs with this skewed meat is the mouth-watering sweet peanut sauce with some cucumber and onions on the side.

  1. Lucky Wanton Mee

This is located in the TanjongPagar Market. They serve wanton mee in sauce and soft dumplings. It is very easy to get in there since any locals are familiar with this place too. If you come alone in Singapore, you can also use some apps to locate these restaurants and places to dine.

  1. Mr. Prata

If you are looking for comfort food with an Indian theme, you can have that at Mr. Prata on Evans Road. There are many variants you can choose from the roti prata such as mushroom, cheese, or egg, but our best bet is the plain version of it with some fish curry.

We think we need to stop going down to more list. Writing down some recommendations for restaurants can make us go hungry too, but we need to keep our discipline since we all need to have a good diet. So, that’s it! If you are planning on going for a trip to Singapore or wanting to live in here for good, we hope you can try the list we gave. Share back your experience on social media so that many would have the idea about the place and the dishes you find in Singapore!


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